Product Development

We are always excited to work on developing new ideas and products. We are passionate about innovation and endeavor, and love to see worthwhile designs come to fruition. Currently we have several fascinating concepts under development, and revel in the process of refining and researching the product and its release.

Wherever you  are along your journey, we can assist with everything from product design and testing, to helping you find the best manufacturer for quality and cost. We can help you secure the investment you need, and strategize the most effective launch.

Innovation is part of what drives us here at Mi Concepts, and there are very few projects as rewarding as helping to develop a new product from the ground up.  This is because it draws on twin disciplines that we specialize in, which concern the design and function of the product, alongside its growth as a business. We aim to help guide you through the process from a business perspective, optimizing the best way to establish investment where required, strategies for growth – including financial forecasting and marketing – and even advising on patent applications.

Moreover, we have a wide range of experience designing products with different teams. These include software packages, to an interactive glass polymer wall, cutting edge fitness equipment, and a community based telephone spam filter.  Many of these are set to launch officially in the forthcoming two years. Although many have been fully developed and launched in Mi Concepts brief history, many more are underway. Please see our Innovations here.