Strategic Management

If you have an idea of where you would like your business to go, but you need some assistance getting there, Mi Concepts can help. We’ve worked with clients in need of restructuring and consolidation, and those looking to expand or compete in new areas. Whether you have a strong sense of your culture and processes, or are feeling the need for fresh ideas then take us for a test run and see how we get on. We’d love to chat things through with you, and even the simple process of reflection can help to establish your objectives a little more clearly. From this standpoint we then endeavor to establish a bespoke strategy suited to your business.

Analysis is a crucial part of our strategic management process. Not only does it help us to understand your internal operations and resources, but to conceptualise your market position in relation to external competition and contemporary factors. We also want to get to know you well in order to maintain your ethos whilst helping to take you to the next level. We work alongside you and behind the scenes to renovate, streamline and take your business forward. We do this by thorough strategic planning, allocating the appropriate resources to realistic objectives. An effective strategy is one that is implemented properly; it needs to be well managed and achievable given the environment. We love to dream big, but we also understand the necessity of realistic, monitored targets in order to achieve sustainable, cost effective change. Long-term success will come from implementing a strategy that is stable going forward. Part of establishing this will come from maintaining a strong dialogue with you, and consistently assessing the process.

We have worked with a large number of businesses of varying sizes. However we feel that our niche is in helping small and medium sized clients discover their full potential with our backing and support throughout the whole process. It always helps to have an expert perspective providing reassurance and insights, which in the end could prove invaluable. Let us use our experience to bring fresh perspective wherever you are with your goals, and stick to getting the basics right in order to bring vital changes.