Facilities Management

Facilities management is at the core of our business, and our history. It constitutes part of the backbone of our in depth problem solving philosophy. This is because it encompasses a broad knowledge of many disciplines, and is consistently concerned with practical applications. It is the link between effective strategy and delivery, and is often underestimated as a powerful catalyst for positive change within a business.

Mi Concepts has provided successful facilities management services over the last ten years for prestigious national and international companies. This includes regional management of England and Wales for SSE for three years, overseeing other facilities managers throughout the UK.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail, especially in an operational capacity. Ultimately the greatest plans can come undone without pragmatic implementation. Facilities management encompasses detailed working knowledge of a premises, its staff, management, communications, purpose, health and safety, costs and more. It also entails the translation of top-down initiatives from upper management into the everyday working environment. It is therefore guided unilaterally by business continuity and practical, real life applications of planning objectives. Mi Concepts flourishes precisely in this arena. We keep a finger on the pulse of those functional and diverse details that sustain and actually deliver business objectives. However we also seek to improve on these processes, and deliver a focused approach still in keeping with your principles.