Contract Portal

The Contract Portal was designed and developed as an interactive management software system. It is currently used to manage several multidisciplinary frameworks contracts for the public sector. A client user is able to manage a panel of contractors, and create mini competitions between them for works, goods or services. Moreover, the client may have several offices, agents or users who can all make use of this service all under one Contract. Mi Concepts’ Portal will track and display all spending. It is stats driven, and monitors all tasks and costs across different users.

Both qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators are integrated into the software. Contractors may be assessed on their response time to quote for and complete tasks for example. They may also be judged on the quality of the work and standard of information they provide on the portal. This drives timely responses and quality delivery. The mini competition feature secures the best value for price and quality based on specialism and location for that specific task.

This is a piece of management software that seems so inherently useful you’ll wonder why it hasn’t been invented already. The next evolution will make it customisable for any company’s infrastructure.