Venture Quays

Venture Quays. Isle of Wight. Redevelopment.

From 2009 to 2014 Mi Concepts was instrumental in realising the HCA’s ambitious plans for the site. The Homes and Communities Agency invested approximately £2m into upgrading buildings and improving services at the East Cowes location.

Our central task was to assist the HCA’s Senior Development Manager on setup compliance, major health and safety, and fire issues. In particular we were enlisted for our risk management expertise. The sheer complexity of the art deco main structure on site demanded a highly skilled and experienced team. However we also took on Operations and Project Management roles for many of the major improvements that were carried out.

The reorganisation of services to the Columbine Building, and consolidation of internal infrastructure, also successfully created an environment that was attractive and effective for the investment of new businesses, and vastly improved for existing tenants.

The building, which also needed significant repairs to its roof, represented a challenge due to its age, construction materials, and complicated multi-storey layout. It houses multiple and overlapping occupancies, including complex industries and services. We were successfully able to mitigate immediate risks, and pioneer initiatives to reduce or eliminate future hazards where possible. This was achieved through introducing early warning systems, streamlining and repairing services to the building, and de-cluttering the internal infrastructure.