Hythe Marine Park

Hythe Marine Park. Regeneration. Southampton.

The South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) and CBRE appointed Mi Concepts in 2009 to head up the operational regeneration of Hythe Marine Park. The park desperately needed to develop into a sustainable business. This was in order to maintain a waterfront employment space in a low economic employment area. The site, previously known as RAF Hythe, has been used continuously for the construction, repair and maintenance of vehicles and sea-going craft since its establishment in 1919.

SEEDA acquired the site from the MOD in 2007 and were set to garner large support from Palmer Johnson UK, the UK arm of an American Super Yacht Manufacturer based in Fort Lauderdale. In 2008 – 2010, with the collapse of the global economy, Palmer Johnson UK withdrew from the marine park. This left vast unoccupied premises and took potential jobs from the area.

Mi Concepts endeavoured to introduce a sustainable development model by creating and implementing an effective strategy of renovation. Our drive to re-direct funding into transforming the available premises was critical to the success of the site. Creating a worthwhile, practical and attractive environment led to securing a large marine based client (Green Marine) on a long-term lease, as well as securing the long-term future of the park by increasing overall occupancy to 98%. The Hythe Marine Park success story was complete when the site was disposed of from the public to the commercial sector in 2013.