About Mi Concepts

Our team, history and philosophy.

Who We Are

Predicting the Curve

Mi Concepts formed as a government consultancy in 2014. We set out to transfer expertise gained in the private sector to the public. We took diverse skills in business strategy, risk analysis, construction and facilities management together into one arena. We found that it was incredibly effective. And we spent the next two years honing it.

We have developed an innovative approach and a problem-solving ethos. We look to understand how and why things work. Whether that is within a business, on a redevelopment site or regarding the infrastructure of a building. And then we adapt. We ask challenging questions of ourselves and create efficient solutions.

More than this however, we look to build mutually beneficial relationships. Sitting between the public and private sectors, we have worked with a range of clients and partners. We’ve worked tactically within bureaucratic limitations to achieve things our clients didn’t deem possible. We’ve also managed re-stacks, and projects at just about every level.

Now we are excited to provide this integrative service as a consultancy or contractor for specific services or projects. We would love to hear from you.


To Everyone’s Benefit
We understand that projects succeed because of people. Ultimately managing relationships is of utmost importance. We have a proven track record of tenant liaison and negotiations, and of consistently delivering government tenders. This means clear effective communication between various funding departments, engineering consultancies and the public. We deal in a way that is transparent but necessarily cogent in order to uphold the reputation of our clients and still reach their goals.


Our Greatest Asset
We will lead project, or compliment an existing one as best we can. We are independent and able to adapt. Indeed, the greatest projects we have worked on involved immense collaboration. From working with FTSE 100 corporations to small, highly skilled organisations, we always aim to provide useful insights and work with intelligence, integrity and efficiency.
“Experience means knowing when to stick to what works.
Innovation means seeking out what works better.”